What do Geckos Eat

Understanding What do Geckos Eat?

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Owning a gecko comes with challenges, but it can also be the most rewarding experience. Unlike most dogs and cats, geckos are very particular about their diet and prefer a variety. When understanding what do geckos eat and the good-quality reptile food you need to get you must learn more about them and their natural…

Hornworms and Crickets For Your Pets Reptile Diet

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Numerous pets benefit from the protein and nutrients found in hornworms and crickets. Finding these resources in bulk can be quite easy with help from cricketsandworms.com. We provide food sources that will greatly benefit your pet reptile and wildlife. Our company has been breeding the best quality food for reptiles and birds since 2001. We’re…

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IMPORTANT:  Crickets will go dormant in cold weather and might appear dead when they arrive.  It is best to bring the box inside and do not open it for 2-3 hours, letting the crickets warm-up and come out of their dormant state.  Then open the box and transfer the crickets to their new container.