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Buying live Mealworms For Your Backyard Bluebirds

Bluebirds are typically wild birds that do not make good pets. However, they are less hostile to human presence than several other bird species and often nest in yards and gardens.

Feeding bluebirds regularly may encourage them to stay in your location. Bird lovers often invest in high-quality feeders like mealworms for bluebirds to entice them to stay in the habitat.

You may note that mealworms are not worms but the larval precedent of the popular mealworm beetle. They are easy to find, clean, and serve; however, if you are specific about feeding nutrient-rich mealworms to the bluebirds in your yard, it’s best to source them from a reputed seller.

Nutrient Levels

It may be challenging to measure the nutrient content present in mealworms. Buying from a trusted supplier will help ensure that the beetles are packed with nutrients.

Breeders who specialize in supplying feeder inspects and other pet foods pay special attention to factors like the health of the feeder insects and nutrient content in the insects. Experts recommend feeding the beetle nutrient-dense foods like apples, oatmeal, and bran to ensure richness.


When buying mealworms for bluebirds, it’s vital to ensure that the worms are healthy and non-toxic. Bluebirds generally prefer live mealworms to dried mealworms. You may want to inspect the worms for signs of rotting or decay.

Decaying worms could trigger digestive issues and other health problems in the birds. Additionally, mealworms contain protein. The delicate digestive system of the bird will have trouble digesting decaying protein. Overfeeding on decaying or toxic worms could even prompt fatal conditions.

If you buy mealworms, you may consider storing them in well-maintained containers to keep them healthy. Ensure that the humidity and temperature conditions are ideal for their survival. Storing them in cooler areas will slow their growth and keep them in the larva stage for longer.


Bluebirds love snacking on mealworms and can go through over a hundred worms a day. However, it’s critical to avoid overfeeding them. While mealworms are effective nutritional supplements for the birds, they don’t meet all the nutritional requirements of bluebirds. You may also note that young, growing birds benefit more from mealworms than birds that have attained full maturity.

Ensure the Worms are Accessible

Place the feeder in a location near the nest. You may also ensure that the feeder is easy to find and easily accessible. It may be challenging to get the birds to eat dry worms. Hence, it is best to buy live worms loaded with nutrients and moisture.

Buy From a Reliable Supplier

Buy from your trusted local pet food suppliers who breed mealworms and other feeder insects for birds and other pets. These breeders raise and breed the worms in ideal conditions. They also ensure that the nutritional requirements of the beetles are met.

Contact Us for High-Quality Mealworms

At Crickets and Worms, we specialize in selling high-quality feeder mealworms for bluebirds and pets. Learn more about our feeder delivery services by visiting our website or by calling at 954-410-5635

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