Taking Care of Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet: A Guide

When you want a pet but not too much disturbance in your household, a bearded dragon is a perfect choice. Bearded dragons tend to be peaceful and only grow more passive with age. They like interacting with people, which you can find highly engaging and fun.

However, to ensure that your bearded dragon lives a long time and is happy, you must take care of its diet. Whether you include live crickets or some other component in their diet, you should be aware of whether it is healthy for them. Here is what you should know about a bearded dragon’s diet:

What is Their Diet?

Throughout history, bearded dragons have predominantly been exposed to habitats where food can be sparse. It has enabled their bodies to accept various foods, including plants and live animals. They are omnivorous and eat pretty much about everything, including insects.
Since bearded dragons tend to have a strong sense of smell, you can’t feed them anything that has been rotting or not properly taken care of. You might find that your young bearded dragon is carnivorous and only begins eating plants as they grow older.

What Should You Take Care of?

If you’ve recently bought a bearded dragon, the initial days of its diet are crucial. You have to look for their eating mannerisms and understand what they like and what they don’t. While you should have a 50-50 balance between plants and an animal-based diet, it can fluctuate over time.

You must feed young bearded dragons once or twice daily (depending on the quantity). Take care not to include too many fruits in their diet, as they can be harmful in large quantities.

How to Find a Fresh Source

To ensure that your bearded dragon grows up healthy, you have to look for fresh food sources. Live mealworms or other sources of fresh food can be easily found when you know what to look for. You should look for reliable businesses that can ship anywhere in America through express methods.

When you find the right business to work with, you can find a large variety of food options available for your bearded dragon.

Checking for Authenticity

Many people hesitate to buy reptile food online because they feel like the quality won’t be up to the mark. However, when you want to ensure that you’re getting the best food for your reptile, you can look for aspects that ensure the food’s quality.

Look for a business that cultures worms, crickets, and more in a climate-controlled environment for the best results. The longer they’ve been in business, the better their quality will likely be. You should also read through their reviews to ensure you make the best choice.

Looking for Fresh Food for Your Bearded Dragon? We Can Help

When you want the best for your bearded dragon, you have to buy from the best. Crickets and Worms are your premier destination when you want nothing but the best for your bearded dragon. We have a large variety of live products, including superworms, hornworms, and more, so you can choose what you want for your pet. Call us today at 954-410-5635 to get started.

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