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How to Keep Superworms Alive and Healthy for Your Pet

Superworms are excellent feeder insects for your pet reptiles. Not only are they packed with protein and other nutrients, but they are also around four times larger than regular mealworms. Iguanas and other lizards need regular supplies of live insects to meet their nutritional requirements.

Reptile owners will have to find effective ways to store these insects and keep them alive and healthy. Fortunately, it’s easy to care for, raise and even breed superworm beetles since their habitat and food requirements are simple.

Choosing a Suitable Habitat

Plastic, glass, and silicon containers work best for storing these insects. The container should be at least 7 inches tall. Superworm beetles thrive best in habitats where they have adequate space to move around. If too many worms are crammed into one container, you may end up with a lot of dead worms. The crate should also be well ventilated.

Temperature Level: The ideal crate temperature range is between 66 -88 F. An excessive number of insects in a single container raises the temperature levels in the crate and causes condensation in the crate.

The worms may coil up frequently or flick back and forth if they are restless due to high temperatures. If the crate is too cold, the worms may dig into the bedding material for warmth or appear passive.

Bedding Material: Bran, mill feed, and white oats are the most popular bedding material for superworms. The bedding layer or substrate layer should be approximately 1.5 inches thick. Since the bedding also doubles as feed for the worms, it’s vital to use good quality bran or other material.

Maintenance: Superworm crates are easy to maintain. Though you only have to clean the crate every two months, it’s essential to clear the crate off dead worms, pupating worms, and other decaying material every day.

Provide Ample Hydration

The presence of excessive moisture in the crate could kill superworms. Experts recommend offering plenty of fruits and vegetables to the insects. Sliced apples, melons, and cucumbers hydrate the insects and keep them healthy.

Since these insects are nocturnal, it may be best to feed them at night. Pet owners should replace the food every day or every alternate day.

How Long Do Superworms Live?

Superworm beetles can stay alive for up to six months or even a year with proper and effective care. They become full-size food worms by 3-4 months. If you source your insects from a supplier, it may be best to buy them in smaller quantities. Storing full-size worms for more than two months may cause their nutritional value to deteriorate.

Order Premium Quality Superworms

Superworms are a premium source of protein for reptiles and birds. At Crickets and Worms, we breed and supply nutrient-rich, vet-approved feeder worms to pet owners and local pet stores. Explore our range of pet foods at our website or call our customer care representatives at 954-410-5635

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