Find The Best Quality Hornworms for Bearded Dragons

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Bearded Dragons are an omnivorous species – they eat both plants and meat – and their staple food source should be a high-quality hornworm. But, you’d want healthy, clean, and well-fed hornworms that will provide your beardie with nutritious food. Here’s how to find the best hornworms for bearded dragons: 1. Clean Hornworms The first…
Feeding Hornworms to Reptiles

The Remarkable Benefits of Feeding Hornworms to Reptiles

turned_in_nothornworms, hornworms for reptiles, hornworms for sale
As reptile enthusiasts, we’re constantly seeking the best ways to care for our scaly companions. One often overlooked but incredibly beneficial aspect of reptile nutrition is the inclusion of hornworms in their diets. These plump, juicy larvae offer a plethora of health benefits for your pet, from boosting hydration to providing essential nutrients. Let’s delve…

Cold Weather Notice!

During these winter months, it is very important to bring your Cricket orders inside ASAP and not let them sit outside in the cold very long.  If at all possible it is best to be home when your order arrives.

IMPORTANT:  Crickets will go dormant in cold weather and might appear dead when they arrive.  It is best to bring the box inside and do not open it for 2-3 hours, letting the crickets warm up and come out of their dormant state.  Then open the box and transfer the crickets to their new container.

PLEASE be mindful of the temperatures in your area before ordering.

Because of this, we are offering an **OPTIONAL** Live Arrival Guarantee Insurance.  This option must be selected during checkout or there is NO guarantee of live delivery.  Someone must also be home to accept package when Delivered.