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Are you searching for online hornworms for your pet reptile? If so, Crickets and Worms can help! Let us help you understand the importance of a calcium source for your bearded dragon and how to blend with other food sources to help them fully achieve their full potential.

Bearded dragons are omnivorous and can feed on a range of plants and insects. Young bearded dragons depend primarily on insects for nutritional requirements. When looking for hornworms for bearded dragons, buying from reliable brands that sell live, healthy worms is critical.

Regardless of whether you feed your dragon store-bought worms or home-bred worms, you may want to ensure that the hornworms are nutrient-rich. It’s best to mix hornworms with other feeder insects while feeding your bearded dragon. This is because bearded dragons don’t need more than 4 to 5 hornworms a day.

Crickets and Worms Online Store Offers Excellent Source of Calcium

Hornworms are loaded with calcium. Bearded dragons need calcium, especially while they are growing into adult bearded dragons. Not only is calcium crucial for bone growth and development, but it is also essential to prevent bone diseases and growth defects. Additionally, female dragons need calcium to produce and nurture eggs for reproduction.

If your dragon develops calcium deficiencies, the bearded dragon’s body may start pulling calcium from its bones. Calcium deficiencies could also make your dragon more vulnerable to fractures, bone density issues, and even muscular issues. Therefore, it’s critical to buy hornworms for bearded dragons as it helps prevent calcium deficiencies.

Crickets and Worms Online Store

Crickets and Worms sell nutrient-dense succulent hornworms that are ideal for your bearded dragon needs. We have the best environment to grow hornworms with the highest quality and deliver them to our clients quickly. Visit our website to order hornworms online or contact us for more information or special request at 954-410-5635


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