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It’s vital to ensure that you don’t overfeed mature bearded dragons. Your pet could develop issues like obesity if overfed. Vets recommend minimizing the amount of protein and fat your dragon consumes if the reptile has attained full maturity.

Hornworms contain low amounts of fat and protein. You can include these worms in your bearded dragon’s diet. However, you may want to avoid feeding your dragon more than five hornworms a day.


It may surprise you to know that hornworms can provide bearded dragons with much-needed moisture. These worms retain fluids in their bodies. Studies show that fluids make up over 85% of a hornworm’s body.

Feeding your bearded dragon hornworms is an excellent way to ensure your pet gets sufficient hydration and moisture. The worms will keep your pet hydrated and healthy. Bearded dragons tend to use water during summer and hot months. Therefore hornworms make a great summer snack for your bearded dragon.

Easy to Buy

At Crickets and Worms, we ensure our hornworms are packed with all the nutrition your bearded dragon needs. Our products are safe for bearded dragons when you feed your pet in moderation. It is also easy to serve live hornworms to your dragon without any additional preparation.

Choose Our Excellent Nutrient-Rich Hornworms for Your Pet!

Crickets and Worms sell succulent, nutrient-dense hornworms that are ideal for your bearded dragon. Visit our website to order hornworms online or contact us at 954-410-5635.

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