Finding the Perfect Diet for Your Reptile

Reptiles can be interesting and cute pets to have, especially because of their fascinating behavioral patterns. While many people are under the impression that reptiles can eat pretty much everything, that’s not true. Doing so could be putting the health of your reptile pet at great risk.
Whether your reptile prefers to eat live superworms or dried mealworms, you should research thoroughly and make food purchases for your pet accordingly.

Different Diets for Different Reptile Pets

When it comes to choosing the ideal diet for your reptilian friend, it’s imperative that you know their breed. Bearded dragon food can be quite different from snake food.

Some common foods that all reptiles can usually eat are live crickets and mealworms. Snakes, especially larger breeds like python, prefer a diet of small rodents like rats. Bearded dragons are omnivorous, which enables them to eat both greens and insects.

Geckos enjoy a diet of insects and soft fruits like peaches and mangoes. You can also find specialty geckos waxworms that are catered for their tastes. Turtles can eat worms, insects, greens, and even fruits.

Nutritional Requirements

Just like all human food has different nutritional information, so do insects and other reptilian food. Live crickets are affordable but are prone to dying and don’t offer high nutrition. Mealworms provide much more caloric content when compared to crickets. Vegetables can provide a majority of nutritional requirements for some species like the bearded dragon, while snakes would require a high number of insects or rodents to sustain their nutritional requirements.

You can find additional nutritional supplements for reptiles in the form of a powder that you can dust over their food, especially when they’re avoiding eating nutritionally dense food.

Fresh Food

You may observe that your pet refuses to eat the food even though it’s catered for them. Many reptiles refuse to eat food that is dead, so you have to ensure that you’re either getting fresh live food delivered regularly or have a supply at your home.

Research and find out if your fresh food supply is cultivating their crickets, worms, and insects correctly. Your reptile’s health is based entirely on what you’re feeding them, so you should ensure that the food that ends up in their system is of the highest quality but at an affordable price.

Looking for Quality Reptile Food for Your Pet? We’ve Got Just What You’re Looking For

Just like you prefer specific food, your reptile pet may also have preferences and dislikes. You want to ensure you’re buying food that suits their needs and preferences to keep them with you for a long time.
Finding fresh quality food for your reptile friend can be difficult throughout the year, which is why Cricket and Worms should be your destination when you’re looking for a supplier who can ensure quality at an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for super worms or bearded dragon food, you’re sure to find it delivered fresh to your home through their speedy delivery system. Call 954-410-5635 to schedule a delivery.

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