giant mealworms for sale

Giant Mealworms For Sale

Crickets and Worms online store sells Giant Mealworms (Zophobas morio) for pet owners who want to feed a quality product to their pets. They are a favored food of reptiles, birds, and fish, as they are rich in protein and soft outer shell texture is easy to swallow. 

These types of larva measure between 1 and 2 inches in length and are about as thick of a pencil. Also, their small size and movement patterns make them easily attractive to catch. 

Benefits of buying Giant Mealworms

  • They are naturally large compared to other mealworms.
  • Their total lifespan from egg to beetle is a little over a year.
  • More resilient than traditional mealworms to stay alive longer
  • Easier to digest due to the lower ratio of indigestible chitin in the outer shell
  • Eye-catching due to its movement
  • Great for medium to large reptiles, birds, and fish
  • Better calcium to phosphorus ratio than other mealworms

How to feed your pet

Feed giant mealworms to your pet reptile with forceps or place them into a flat glass container or crockery bowl as their slippery sides can prevent them from escaping.

When feeding your fish, do it one at a time, to prevent uneaten food from floating in the tank.

How many to feed

Feed your pet once or twice daily, ideally at breakfast time and in the afternoon. Keep in mind that giants should be fed in moderation as excess will result in regurgitation. If fed regularly, ensure small quantities.

Storage and care

Giant mealworms can be easily stored in the refrigerator. However, it is recommendable to keep them in the lower part of your refrigerator as it has the ideal temperature and is the warmest part. Also, place a small amount of carrot or apple to be their food source for survival. 

Order  Giant Mealworms online HERE

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