Reptile Crickets for Sale

Are you searching for reptile crickets for sale? If so, Crickets and Worms online store can help! Live food is necessary for your pet’s reptile well being and health and crickets are a rich source of protein and offer many other nutritional benefits. Our one-stop shop for all kinds of live reptile food has a vast stock and range of live food to ensure your pet has a balanced and healthy diet.

Why Choose Our Feeders?

Reptile Crickets for SaleOur years of product knowledge delivering high-quality feeders has expedited our process and shipping methods to ensure safe shipping of live products in both summer and winter. Crickets and Worms online store has everything you need to keep your pet reptile well-fed, including mealworms, superworms, hornworms, wax worms, and more.

Our Feeders


Our crickets are simply the best and very nutritious. We do this by growing and feeding them ourselves. We sell them in 1000 crickets/box. Furthermore, you can select the size of the crickets from a list of various options, e.g. full grown, half grown, adult winged, etc. The crickets we ship to you are never dried out or dying like the ones you usually get from other live reptile food stores.Reptile Crickets for Sale


Mealworms are great live food for your pet reptile. They contain a right amount of fat as well as other beneficial nutrients that will keep your pet healthy. There are two species of mealworms we sell. These include small mealworms and superworms. We sell them in high-quality boxes. Each box contains 1000 mealworms.

Reptile Crickets for SaleHornworms

Hornworms are naturally the healthiest live food you can get to feed your reptile pet. You simply cannot beat the nutritional value and low-fat content of a hornworm. They are a great source of Calcium, Iron, Protein, and many Vitamins. We sell them in 12 count and 25 count. We always add a little extra in the packaging to make sure that you have enough to grow the listed amount of them to full growth.

Crickets and Worms

We sell many other types of worms to cover all your needs. We have a wide variety of them which is suitable for all occasions and all types of reptiles.

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