Feed Your Small Pet Bird Quality Mealworms

Birds appear majestic and elegant, and their eating habits are fascinating too. When you’re trying to figure out the perfect diet for your pet bird, you have to consider their breed, lifestyle, and behavior.

Depending on how long you’ve had your bird has a pet, they can be more or less resistant to changes in their diet, and you want to ensure that their transition into becoming your companion is as seamless as possible.


Every bird has different dietary requirements, and food for all birds needs to be as fresh as possible to gain maximum nutrition and taste from it.
You can feed them fresh food like super worms, raptor food, crickets and supplement their diet from time to time with real meat like carrion.

If your bird is under stress or facing nutritional deficiencies, you can find vitamin and mineral supplements to add to its diet as well. Birds have a highly varied diet; due to their behavior of foraging for food, they tend to eat insects, small rodents, and small animals of all types.

Recommended Food Intake

The amount of food your bird will require daily depends on its size, gender, and species. Smaller birds eat more food than larger birds as they lose body heat more quickly and need to maintain their metabolism.
Food consumption can also vary depending on the season.

Keep An Eye Out on Your Bird’s Eating Habits

Depending on whether you’re just feeding your backyard passerby birds or whether you own one, you would need to observe their eating patterns and behavior to food when you need to figure out their preferences and adjust their diet accordingly.

In Need of Fresh Quality Food for Your Bird? Crickets and Worms Are Here to Help

When you’re looking for good quality food throughout the year to feed to your bird, you want to find a source that cultivates bird food in a nutritionally rich manner.

Crickets and Worms

We provide affordable feed round the year, so you don’t need to worry about your supply running low at any time of the year. Call 954-410-5636 to make your order for live bird food.

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