Feeder Worms for Sale

Many reptile pet owners ignore the importance of feeding them live pet foods as they are necessary for their overall health and well-being. For example, reptiles like bearded dragons, geckos, and chameleons feed on feeder worms. The feeder worm lineup is constituted by mealworms, waxworms, super worms, and more.

Benefits of This Type of Food

Feeder worms can be an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, and protein. Great for reptiles and birds, you can order this live food in bulk, as feeder worm stores like Crickets and Worms breed them on a healthy diet.

Feeder worms are very popular with beard dragons and wild birds. They contain about 50% crude protein and are an extremely safe live food to use. You can refrigerate them and store them for a long time. There are many other benefits of feeder worms, but keep in mind that they are only as good as their diet. So, make sure to buy them from a reliable online feeder worm store like us!

Why Buy from Us?

CricketsandWorms.com is a premier online feeder worm and insect source on the web-based out of Sparta, Tennessee. We are considered one of the top reptile food stores in the country, and we got this title by providing the largest and the highest quality selection of live food combined with unparalleled customer service.

As an online feeder worm store, we are as close to you as your desktop. Our online ordering system offers various benefits such as convenient, accurate, and quick ordering while fulfilling your feeder worm needs in one place. So, whether you are a pet shop, a breeder, or a hobbyist with one pet, CricketsandWorms.com is here to serve you. Our priorities revolve around the specific needs of our customers.

Other Worms and Food We Sell


Mealworms are one of the most popular reptile food. Varying in size, they are a good source of protein, in addition to containing about 3% carbohydrate, 14% fat, 1% ash, and 63% moisture. Most reptiles particularly bearded dragons, eat mealworms with delight, and at CricketsandWorms.com, we sell mealworms in large quantities in heat/cold packs according to customer requirements.


Superworms are another excellent diet for pet reptiles. They are larger than giant mealworms and are easier to digest because their exoskeleton is relatively thinner. They contain about 6% carbohydrate, 15% fat, 19% protein, 1% ash, and 59% moisture. The key difference between super worms and mealworms is that mealworms can be refrigerated. Super worms, on the other hand, die when you refrigerate them. As compared to mealworms, super worms have certain unique advantages, and they are more suitable for larger bearded dragon meals. At CricketsandWorms.com, we sell them in bulk in heat/cold packs.


Crickets are the preferred live food choice of many reptile pet owners. Feeder crickets contain about 3% carbohydrate, 6% fat, 21% protein, 1% ash, and 69% moisture. Live crickets we sell at CricketsandWorms.com are extra nutritious, and you can dust them with calcium supplements for added benefits. We sell live crickets in 500/box and 1000/box quantities in heat/cold packs.

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