Substituting Giant Mealworms For Superworms

What Are Giant Mealworms? Giant mealworms are larger than super worms in size. They grow slightly plumper and significantly longer than regular mealworms, and it makes them an ideal choice for larger reptiles. Moreover, you can use them as an effective bait option for the panfish. Why You Should Substitute Giant Mealworms for Superworms The…
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Buying live Mealworms For Your Backyard Bluebirds

Bluebirds are typically wild birds that do not make good pets. However, they are less hostile to human presence than several other bird species and often nest in yards and gardens. Feeding bluebirds regularly may encourage them to stay in your location. Bird lovers often invest in high-quality feeders like mealworms for bluebirds to entice…

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IMPORTANT:  Crickets will go dormant in cold weather and might appear dead when they arrive.  It is best to bring the box inside and do not open it for 2-3 hours, letting the crickets warm-up and come out of their dormant state.  Then open the box and transfer the crickets to their new container.