When Should You Use Waxworms for Your Pet Reptile?

Waxworms are an occasional treat for reptiles, amphibians, fish, small mammals, and birds. High in fat content but low in other nutrients, choosing the right time to feed these worms might result in a healthier diet for your pet.

If you have a sick or injured pet not eating, you should not try to offer them waxworms. If your pet is already eating well, you can offer these worms as a treat every couple of days.

Nutrition Provided by a Waxworm-Infused Diet

A reptile can get a majority of its necessary nutrients from waxworms. They should be fed other foods, but you can give them 2-3 worms every day or every other day. This should result in a 60-70% complete diet with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provided by the waxworm.
When you feed your pet these worms, it is vital to watch their feces. If the poop starts looking chalky rather than green or dark brown, remove the waxworms immediately. This means you are feeding too many worms and need to cut back.

When Should You Feed Waxworms to Your Pet Reptile?

Reptiles that should eat waxworms include turtles, tortoises, anoles, snakes, lizards, iguanas, geckos. While fat is not the first nutrient you want to offer your pet reptile as it can cause obesity (especially in reptiles), it is an excellent energy source. This is especially important for reptiles that are not eating properly. Offering a waxworm-rich diet to the sick or injured pets will give them the energy they need to help them heal.

The best time to treat your pet with these worms is when you notice a decrease in appetite. If you notice that your pet eats less than once a week, it might be time to offer them some worms. For most reptiles, if you see they are not eating their usual foods, they might need a change in diet. This may be caused by the food getting old or spoiled. You can offer them waxworms as an occasional treat to help with that problem.

How Much Is Enough?

When offering waxworms to your pet, you should give them just enough for immediate eating. This means that you should not offer them as part of their daily or weekly diet. You can feed more than once during the day if they are available and into it.

How to Feed Your Pet Safely

Follow these tips when feeding your pet waxworms for best results. Too many worms can be bad for your pet’s digestive system. This is because more fat is not good for the pet. The best idea would be to limit your pet to 2-3 worms per day or every other day. Offer a waxworm diet only if your pet is showing interest in them.

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